Flagstick Proudly Sponsors Junior Golf Program in China

October 2012

Flagstick is very excited to announce our sponsorship of the Future Stars Golf Club in Kunming, China. This organization, founded and hosted at nearby Sunshine Golf Club, is dedicated to popularizing the game of golf among Chinese youth. Since it was established in June, Future Stars Golf Club has already introduced the game to 200 juniors in Kunming.

As dozens of golf courses are built each year in China, it is becoming more and more important to consider the game’s future in this country. In response to calls from top industry thinkers for support of junior golf initiatives, Flagstick has proudly taken up the challenge through our recent sponsorship of the Future Stars Golf Club in Kunming.

Located in southwestern China, Kunming is a rapidly growing city of seven million, and it has already made a name for itself as one of China’s top golf destinations. It is also Flagstick’s home base in Asia. After getting to know the founder of the Future Stars Golf Club, Ms. Grace Yin, and Sunshine Golf Club’s PGA Professional, Mr. Jerry Chang, we knew we had found people who shared our devotion to ensuring the game’s future.

“We have been looking for an opportunity to give back to the game by sharing our time and resources,” said Adam Bozeman, Flagstick’s director of business development. “It has been a true pleasure to work with Jerry, Grace, and the other great folks at Sunshine Golf Club and the Future Stars Golf Club. We all share a commitment to making golf fun, accessible and meaningful to junior golfers in China.”

On September 24th, Future Stars Golf Club held its first Flagstick-sponsored lesson at Sunshine. With ten energetic youngsters in attendance, we had a great afternoon of golf. Adam Bozeman and Vivian Wang of Flagstick gave a brief introduction to our company’s work, and this was followed by Jerry providing classroom and driving range instruction for over an hour.

Asked if he liked playing golf one of the juniors replied, “Yes, I like it. No, I don’t like it…I love it!” He explained why by saying that it is fun to meet new friends. It sounds to us like he gets it already! What better reason than fun-filled camaraderie to learn this wonderful game?

On the heels of some remarkable achievements by young Chinese golfers in 2012 – 14-year old Andy Zhang qualifying for the U.S. Open and 16-year old Jing Yan qualifying for the Women’s British Open – it is clear how much potential China’s junior golfers have. Flagstick is very proud to be a supporter of the game’s future, and we encourage our industry peers and colleagues to join us in the effort to make golf more accessible and affordable! Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming a co-sponsor of this program.